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  1. MediRecX
    Personal medical records app
    MediRecX is a personal medical record app. It is designed to allow people to carry their general medical information with them on their iOS device and to get the most out of appointments by having on hand the information that medical providers need. The app format was inspired by the questions asked by medical professionals in updating their patients records. Key Features: - Allows for storing medical information on multiple individuals, great for parents and care takers. This feature was especially designed for individuals who take care of elderly family members. - Each individuals chart include 6 components: Medical problems, Medications, Sick visit appointments, Checkup appointments, Symptom tracking, and a Chart summary. - Ability to print or share chart summaries. - Record medications and include a picture of the medication bottle/label or of the medication itself. - Enter an upcoming appointment and make a list of questions for your provider. Also record notes of what happened at an appointment.


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MediChart is designed for iPhones running iOS 9.2 and up.


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