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MoodTracker 1.0/1.1

  1. MoodTracker
    Designed to help people track their moods and behaviors.
    How to use: Make periodic entries with the Add Entry button to add an entry for a date. The program automatically sets the date to the current date (this is editable and can be changed to any date). For each date entered record information under each column. The columns are also editable and you can set the columns to your preference. The graph uses a 10 point scale designed to graph hours (0-10hrs which works well for behaviors) or to graph a qualitative scale of 0-10 (which works well for moods or emotions.) Entries can be removed with the Remove Entry button. Using the Table: The table has 11 total columns including the date. Every column title other than the date can be set to user preference. Make changes using the Edit Table Columns button. The column titles are also displayed to the left of the graph in the Display box. The Display box allows you to turn on and off the display for that column on both the table and the graph. You can also choose what color to display the data for each column on the graph. The Show All Columns button will show all the columns on the table but has no effect on the graph. Using the Graph: The graph shows the data from the table in a graphical format in two time scales: Week and Month. Use the Week/Month tabs above the graph to select which time scale to display. You can change the week/month that is graphed by using the Previous and Next buttons. The graph can be printed or saved to a PDF which are available in the File Menu.

Record mood and behavior data and see it in a graphical format. Graphs can be printed or saved as PDFs

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System requiments:

MoodTracker is available for Mac OSX 10.11 or later.