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Catagory: Health and Fitness

  1. MoodTracker
    Designed to help people track their moods and behaviors.
    MoodTracker is a program designed to help people track their mood and behavior and to see the relationship between the two. How to use: Make periodic entries recording mood, behavior, and additional information as desired. Data recorded into MoodTracker is displayed visually in the form of graphs. Use the graphs to see how data categories interact and to establish what impact they have on mood. Features: - Make entries using a data entry form or by spreadsheet style table. - Record up to 10 data catagories per project. - Visualize data in the form of graphs. - customizable display (graph timeframe, graph y scale graph color, and display state for categories are all user selectable) - graphs can be printed or saved to PDF

Record mood and behavior data and see it in a graphical format. Graphs can be printed or saved as PDFs

MoodTracker Support

MoodTracker version 2.0 System Requirments:

MoodTracker Versions

  • MoodTracker is available for Mac OSX 10.11 or later.


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Catagory: Graphics Design

  1. Pattern Creator
    Make inspiring graphic designs easily and efficiently
    App Description: Pattern Creator is a graphic design application that makes it easy to create complex graphic designs in a few easy steps. The app takes advantage of patterns and layers to turn simple shapes into interesting and attractive designs. Pattern Creator is an efficient tool for creating custom backdrops for web pages, word documents, posters, photos collections, or any other type of graphics design project. General Use: When starting a new project pattern maker will create an empty canvas 800x800 pixels. If desired users can resize the canvas using set size button. Designs are created by adding patterns to the project. Patterns are made of simple shapes that are repeated many times and displayed in a grid. Patterns are drawn in the canvas area as layers. By combining multiple patterns, complex designs can be achieved by using partially transparent lines and fills. Many aspects of a pattern can be edited, including the basic shapes that make up each pattern to the pattern grid style and color features. Projects also include background and foreground fills that are drawn behind or in front of the pattern layers. Several types of fills are available each with editable features. Exporting Designs: Project designs can be exported as images in jpeg, png, and tif formats. The size of an exported image can be scaled up or down from the original project canvas size.

Pattern Creator in action:

Most of the background designs on this page were made with Pattern Creator 

Pattern Creator Support

Pattern Creator Help Book-

System requiments:

Download pdf 
Pattern Creator is available for Mac OSX 10.11 or later.

Screen Shots: Pattern Creator Project Window

Examples: Designs created with Pattern Creator

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